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Stephanie Gutz, MSW

Traditional and non-traditional approaches to healing and personal growth

Energy Healing FAQ

What type of Energy Healing do you offer?

I'm an advanced practitioner of Awakening Heart energy medicine, a new method of energy healing that is similar to Reiki, yet different.  It goes to the cause of the problem and has the potential to heal mind, body, spirit, situations, nature, and more.  

This energy healing can be an excellent means of relaxation, stress management and advanced energetic cleansing.  It can be helpful on its own or as a complement to conventional medicine (also known as “complementary and alternative medicine,” or “integrative medicine”).  Individual experiences and results vary.  

What kind of help can energy healing provide?

An Awakening Heart energy healing session can be provided for the purpose of relaxation and well-being and can also be targeted toward your goals and what is needed according to my assessment.   Awakening Heart energy healing can help with issues of mind, body, spirit, stress, recovering from "burnout" and more.  Many individuals feel more relaxed and energized after a session of this energy healing, but individual responses vary.  Several sessions, or regular sessions, may be needed depending on your situation.  

Awakening Heart energy healing sessions can be helpful on their own, or can be used as a complement to other methods you use to support your wellness (standard medical care, massage, chiropractic, yoga, nutrition, exercise, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.).  Energy healing is not a substitute for medical treatment.  I don't  provide medical advice and  recommend you see a physician or other professional.  

What will I experience from an energy healing session.

Many individuals feel more relaxed and energized after an Awakening Heart energy healing session.  Energy healing can improve well-being of mind, body, spirit and more.  Individual experiences and results vary.  The energy usually lasts about a month, but if you are very ill, you may use the energy more quickly and you may need more frequent energy healing sessions.  

Before the healing appointment, we will consult (by phone or email) to discuss your goals, your questions and any preparation needed.  We'll establish the time for the healing.  After the session, we'll talk by phone or email.  We'll discuss whether additional healing sessions may be recommended and how you want to proceed.

After a limited number of sessions, we'll review results and discuss my recommendations and how you would like to continue.  

What is the fee for an Energy Healing session and what insurances do you accept?

The fee for an energy medicine session is $150 and includes: a pre-healing contact by email or phone to discuss questions, goals, preparation and establish the time of the distance or in-person healing; a 1 hour distance or in-person energy healing session;  and a post-healing follow up ( by email or phone if distance healing).  

Payment is due prior to the healing session and may be made with cash or check.  Additional fees may apply for longer sessions or additional consultation.

If you would like information about the insurances I accept for psychotherapy, please click here.