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Stephanie Gutz, MSW

Traditional and non-traditional approaches to healing and personal growth


Stress management workshop August 16, 2014

Feeling overwhelmed by STRESS?

Learn strategies to manage stress and improve your resilience through this weekend workshop.  Participants will learn methods to elicit the relaxation response and foster resilience.  I'll draw from strategies I learned through the Harvard Mind-Body Medical Institute, guided imagery training, my background in psychosocial oncology, and more.

Facilitator:  Stephanie Gutz, LISW/LCSW/LMedSW
Location:    1219 Gusdorf Road, Suite E, Taos, NM
Date/time:  Saturday, August 16, 2014, 2-4 p.m.
Cost:           $50

Participants are eligible for a 20% discount on Awakening Heart energy-medicine sessions the week following the workshop.

For more information, call Stephanie at 575.779.3391 or message HERE